My dear friends

Specially made for the devotee of amputee

You are here because you love me as I am. I'm here because I love your money and your attention of course. Feel free to shop. Every amount will help me. I have to survive with almost 80 Euro in a month. Your secret desires will help me.

Please respect my copyright because this little shop is the only way to create some income for me. In my country it's very difficult to find a job as an amputee. 

That's why I'm here and sure I'm also here to give you a little guilty pleasures. I also have fun to make the video's. Also my little camera team which I use sometimes has fun. Check out at my shop if you like. 

Please respect my copyright because this is my only income. I will cook for you and give you a little inside view in my daily life. 

I'm glad that you are here and that you help me a little. At the topic About Me you will find a little bit background information about me. Come and enjoy my kitchen.